Government of New Brunswick

Damage Prevention and Control Methods


  • Generally not practical, except in very small, high-value areas where an aboveground and underground barrier (sheet metal, brick, wood) might restrict moles.

Cultural Methods

  • Packing the soil destroys burrows, and sometimes moles if done in early morning or late evening.
  • Reduction in soil moisture and food source removal by the use of insecticides discourages moles and generally results in lower populations.


  • Ineffective

Trapping (most effective control method)
Out O' Sight Trap.™

  • ™ Nash mole trap.
  • Easy-set mole eliminator
  • Death-Klutch gopher trap
  • Cinch mole trap
  • Bayonet trap or harpoon trap
  • Victor Mole Trap™


  • None are registered.

Other Methods

  • None tested have proven effective.