Government of New Brunswick

Wayne Lockhart

Sisters Mountain

Commodity: Tin, tungsten, molybdenum, nickel, copper, PGE, gold, silver, antimony

Claim block number (units): 9503, 9504 (72)

NTS Location: 21 J/10

Contact Information: 778-833-2283
[email protected]




Property Description: The Sisters Mountain Property has the highest (99th percentile) values for Ni/Cu/PGE (base metals), Sn/W/Mo, and Au/Ag/Sb (precious metals) in basal till soil samples within the entire 2004 survey area of southwestern and central New Brunswick. These values are higher than for those samples taken over past producing mines Stephen Nickel, Mount Pleasant Tin/Tungsten and currently developing Clarence Stream Gold areas.

There are strong indications of a Ni/Cu/PGE deposit at Sisters Mountain. Initial follow-up basal till sampling in 2007/08 by Champlain Mineral Ventures Ltd. was centred over the Sisters Mountain Airborne Magnetic Anomaly. Chromite grains, together with an abundance of glossularite grains, were present in several basal till samples. This chromite/glossularite anomaly suggests proximity to a mafic-ultramafic intrusion that, at the time of emplacement, was fertile for Ni-Cu-PGE and believed now to be close to surface. Additional exploration was recommended but world economic conditions in late 2008 halted all further exploration.

The Sisters Mountain Sn/W/Mo anomaly has never been explored in detail. Shell Canada Resources Ltd., in 1978 to 1980, sampled stream silts and soils on Upper Sisters Brook, some 5 km northwest of the extremely anomalous till sample on Sisters Mountain. World economic conditions in 1981 halted exploration before Shell’s very strong Sn/W anomalies could be further explored. There has been no further exploration of this area in the following 40 years.

The Province of New Brunswick (EMP) released the results of a Basal Till Survey of the Hayesville Map Sheet NTS 21J/10 in 2005. Map plates 2005-1 (A, B, and C) highlighted the first indications of Au/Ag/Sb in this area. There has been no follow-up exploration of this exceptional gold anomaly in the following 15 years.