Government of New Brunswick

Wayne Lockhart

Little Dungarvon

Commodity: Tungsten, molybdenum, tin

Claim block number (units): 9276 (15)

NTS Location: 21 J/10

Contact Information: 778-833-2283
[email protected]




Property Description: The Little Dungarvon Property is located on the east side the Devonian age Dungarvon Granite that contains many occurrences of tin, tungsten, molybdenum and associated metals. Two faults cut through, and intersect, within the claim group. Mineral occurrences include the Cleveland Prospect (ZN, Ag, Cu, Pb, Mo, F, Sn), “a sulphide-bearing muscovite-quartz greisen vein” and the Little Dungarvon (Sn, F), a “rubble / subcrop of quartz and feldspar veins containing cassiterite and fluorite” cutting the Dungarvon Granite. The Little Dungarvon property has an history of mineral exploration dating back more than 60 years, to the mid 1950’s. Several companies, including Cominco Ltd, Kidd Creek Mines Ltd, Brunswick Mining and Smelting, and Falconbridge Limited, and several prospectors have advanced exploration of this property.

The Little Dungarvon Sn/W/Mo Property is identified as significantly anomalous for Sn/W/Mo on Plate 2005-1B, Hayesville Map Sheet NTS 21J/10, Province of New Brunswick (EMP) Basal Till Survey of 2005. This is further affirmation of the potential of this property that earlier exploration by Kidd Creek, (1981 to 1985) had shown with a “boulder sample in the area of the Dungarvon Vein 13 (near the west region of the Lower Dungarvon claim) returned 28.8% Sn over 27 cm width”, and “grab samples were previously reported up to 1.44% Cu, 0.26% Pb, 6.84% Zn, and 0.1% Sn”. A rock sample collected by Kidd Creek returned >20,000 ppm Zn, 3,275 ppm Cu, 321 ppm Sn and 17.5 ppm Ag”.        

Prospector Tony Johnston (2015 to 2019) using electromagnetic (EM) and Induced Polarization (IP) geophysical surveys over the confluence of the two faults that intersect within the property identified significant anomalies.

Previous exploration on the Little Dungarvon Sn/W/Mo property has clearly identified targets that justify continued exploration to further develop this Sn/W/Mo deposit.