Government of New Brunswick

Tim Lavoie

Benjamin River (REE)

Commodity: Rare Earth Elements

Claim block number (units): 10078, 10301, 10757, 10758, 10823, 10824, 10825 (85)

NTS Location: 21 O/16

Contact Information: 506-790-4706
[email protected]




Benjamin River Deposit
The showing was first explored by Doral Mining Exploration in 1969 (report of work 471986). Doral Mining conducted a magnetic survey that outlined a strong anomaly 600 m long over the apatite showing. The anomaly appears to be associated with magnetite veins that are spatially related to the apatite veins. A geochemical soil survey located over 12 phosphorous anomalies, one corresponding to the known occurrence. Six drill holes were completed (LA-1 to LA-6). Apatite contents of up to 20% are described in the drill logs, but neither geochemical assays nor drill core are available. Samples containing 34.9% phosphate, 3.02% fluorite and elevated concentrations of yttrium oxide were reported at this time (Canadian Mining Journal, v. 90, p.13, 1969). Gary E. Schrock of Claypool, Arizona briefly examined the property in 1987. His sampling revealed combined values of lanthanum and cerium up to 2.7%.