Government of New Brunswick

Richard Mann

Evandale-Hampstead Gold 

Commodity: Gold

Claim block number (units): 10988, 11006, 11009, 11035 (39)

NTS Location: 21 G/09

Contact Information: 506-546-5718
[email protected]



The Fanning Brook and Doughnut Hill properties have untested potential gold targets considering recent gold discoveries at Clarence Stream by Galway Metals and other Au occurrences farther northeast (e.g., Devils Pike, etc.).

A regional geochemical stream sediment reconnaissance survey in southern New Brunswick completed by the GSC in 1987 (Open File 1638) detected several strong gold stream sediment anomalies in the Hampstead and Evandale granite area. Please refer to attached relevant portion of GSC Open File 1638 map 103-8.

This target area occurs in the increasingly significant belt of rocks hosting numerous gold showings, extending from the Clarence Stream gold deposits north-easterly towards the Devils Pike gold deposit. The trend is interpreted as a continuation of the significant gold bearing stratigraphy/structure corridor, which hosts several significant developing gold deposits in Newfoundland (Marathon, Newfound Gold, etc.).

Fanning Brook (Claim Blocks 10988, 11006, 11035):

  • A similar geological environment hosts known significant gold deposits at Clarence Stream
  • Geology of claim area consists of auriferous quartz veins, felsic and mafic intrusive, and sediments at margin/halo of Evandale Devonian granite located near Fanning Brook major fault zone
  • Strong gold soil anomalies have been reported at the “Hawkins Love” project area (Magna Terra Inc.) which is located approximately 60 km west/southwest of the Fanning Brook claims
  • Northwest portion of granite more strongly mineralized than rest of granite (report of work 470171)
  • North/northwest trending quartz veins mapped (report of work 473839)
  • Located up-ice (ice direction is from northwest) of potential gold source of Au anomalies in silt detected in a 1987 regional government survey (i.e., potential exists for Au in quartz veins in sediments in the staked area)
  • Gold intersected in drill core (DDH # 131-002, Dome Exploration, 1979; report of work 472550) in quartz at margin of granite/sediment contact as follows: 0.70 feet intercept of 0.47 oz/ton Au, 9.40 oz/ton Ag, 2.41% Cu, 6.67% Zn and 4.74% Pb
  • A “prospectivity map” (attached Figure 3) detected potential gold targets generated by satellite longwave infrared (LWIR).  This data acquisition method has some penetration of vegetation and transported cover.  Specific targets of coincident quartz-goethite-pyrrhotite were identified and located, but no follow-up has been done. This data is from a report of work authored by Alan Phillipe (2020) 

NOTE – The Clarence Stream Au deposits were discovered long after the Evandale granite exploration, which focused primarily on Cu-Mo porphyry potential.

Doughnut Hill (Claim Block 11009):

Please refer to attached Doughnut Hill geological map sourced from MP 2005-32c (NB Geological Survey, NTS 21G/09). The map shows the location of a 26 ppb Au silt anomaly located by a 1987 regional government survey. A portion of the silt survey (attached Figure) shows the location of the anomaly which is located down-ice in an area of Devonian felsic volcanic rocks. There is no record or report of work files of follow-up exploration conducted to source the cause of this anomaly.