Government of New Brunswick

Joe Cernan

Pollett River Bear

Commodity: Copper

Claim block number (units):  8478 (22)

NTS Location: 21 H/11

Contact Information: 506-229-7349
[email protected]



Previous Work

  • geochemical survey conducted in 1980
  • Au anomalies found in silt samples from Haslam Brook tributary
  • Hg/Sb anomalies identified in “B” horizon soils west of current claim area
  • additional geochemical analysis 2011 to present
  • evidence of exploratory mining (possibly G.H. Flaherty's Ph.D. work; 1933) - a hole in bedrock following a mineralized (pyrite) quartz vein (dipping 45 degrees)
  • sample taken from the wall yielded 107 ppb Au, 3.36 ppm Ag, 252 ppm Cu, and 3.42 ppm Mo


  • located within the Caledonia belt along a fault zone stretching from Saint John to Hillsborough
  • several mines and known mineral deposits along this line, including the Teahan copper mine
  • sparse outcrops of epidote altered basalt and felsic tuff; the presence of quartz veins represent geothermal activity in the area
  • abundance of large, angular float altered with epidote, malachite, and hematite
  • all finds in the area are likely related to the contact zone between the Silver Hill and Hayward Brook formations; Hayward Brook formation being the source

Work performed

  • 40 rock samples collected and assayed in 2017
  • 49 soil samples and 45 rock samples collected in 2018
  • best gold results came from the northwest area of the claim group
  • copper is present in the middle of the claim group; 1.7% native Cu in two separate samples about 80 m apart (samples X 55 17 & 71 17), 2.26% Cu in bedrock 180 m north of sample PB 11 18; 2.11 % Cu (sample PB 40 18) located 1 km southwest of PB 11 18 and malachite staining present locally in float