Government of New Brunswick

Anthony Johnston

Falls Creek

Commodity: Tungsten, molybdenum, tin

Claim block number (units): 4659 (83)

NTS Location: 21 J/10

Contact Information: 506-622-1958




The claim group has numerous high-grade tungsten- and molybdenum-bearing boulders, and tungsten, molybdenum, and tin soil anomalies.

First Narrows Resources drillhole 4717-07-007: 68.85 m averaging 158.4 ppm Mo, 147.0 ppm W, 53.2 ppm Be and 726 ppm B.

Geodex Minerals drillhole DU-13-03: 9.31 m 0.177% Wo3 and 0.036% tin. Drillhole DU-13-06 11.22 m 0.001% Wo3 and 0.056% Mo.