Government of New Brunswick

Art Hamilton

Sheephouse Brook

Commodity: Base metals, silver, gold

Claim block number (units): 7555, 9339, 10034, 10515, 10693 (31)

NTS Location: 21 O/10

Contact Information: 506-546-5744
[email protected]




The Sheephouse Brook sulphide occurrence is located on the Sheephouse Brook property and the Lead Pond occurrence is located immediately adjacent to the property. The Sheephouse Brook occurrence consists of disseminated Zn-Pb-Cu sulphides and stringers of Zn-Pb-Cu sulphides that are hosted by silicified and sericitized felsic lavas and breccias, and minor dark grey sedimentary rocks of the Sevogle River Formation. One of the better intersections in the upper zone ran 1.54% Pb, 3.95% Zn, 0.32% Cu, and 20.6 g/t Ag over 7.6 m and one of the better intersections in the lower zone ran 0.47% Pb, 1.45%, and 6.9 g/t Ag over 6.1 m. Historical exploration in this region focused on volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits; however, the Sheephouse Brook property is also considered to have the potential to host later stage Ag-Au (+/- Pb, Zn, Cu, Sb, As) mineralization, similar to the mineralization found at the Sevogle Strip Silver occurrence, which is located approximately 5 km to the northeast, and similar to the Clearwater Lake occurrence, which is located approximately 3 km to the north. At The Sevogle Strip Silver occurrence, trench samples have run up to 1430 g/t Ag with 0.37 g/t Au and, at the Clearwater Lake occurrence, a quartz vein with 81.3 g/t Ag and 1.2% Pb was reported over 0.91 m.

In a 1981 soil survey, strongly anomalous soil geochemical values were reported by BM&S, including significantly anomalous Pb-Ag-Zn in an up-ice (i.e., westerly) direction from historical drilling. A later soil survey by BHP also returned strongly anomalous values, including up to 155 ppm Ag to the west of historical drilling. Local induced polarization survey lines were run in 2017 and areas of highly anomalous chargeability with values reaching 91.6 mV/V (i.e., > 30 mV/V is ranked “Very Strong”) were identified. Trench testing IP anomalies identified sulphide mineralization with grab samples grading up to 3.2% Zn, 1.23% Pb, 0.37% Cu, and 36.6 g/t Ag. A sample from an earlier trench in this area was reported to run 4.14% Pb with 146 g/t Ag. The 2019 trenching program tested some of the shallow chargeability and resistivity anomalies; however, significant anomalies identified in the limited 2017 IP survey remain untested and, in most cases, the anomalies appear to increase in intensity with depth, which suggests they are favourable targets for diamond drilling.

The Sheephouse Brook property is located approximately 50 km northwest of Miramichi, includes 33 claim units that cover 724 ha, and is accessible by logging roads.