FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government released a list of 96 climate change projects today, funded through New Brunswick’s carbon tax, committed to in the 2020-21 provincial budget.

“As promised, this funding has been invested in projects to increase energy efficiency in buildings, undertake climate change research and complete climate adaptation projects for municipalities,” said Environment and Climate Change Minister Gary Crossman.

Highlights include:

  • $2.95 million for energy efficiency programming delivered through NB Power, including $1.5 million for low-income energy efficiency programming;
  • $5 million to small modular reactor technology;
  • funding for the completion of 14 adaptation projects including flood planning, dyke maintenance and shoreline protection;
  • an initial study to explore opportunities to make the provincial government’s vehicle fleet more environmentally friendly; and
  • funding for the Gaia Project to continue work in schools to train teachers and educate students on energy efficiency, low-carbon transportation options and emerging renewable energy sources.

“We are delivering on the government’s budget commitment to invest carbon tax revenue into climate change initiatives and to be transparent with New Brunswick residents about their gas tax dollars,” said Crossman. “Our government is committed to being part of the climate change solution and continues to work to implement the comprehensive New Brunswick Climate Change Action Plan.”

Plans are currently underway to identify new climate change initiatives to fund in the 2021-22 fiscal year.

A complete list of projects is available online.