FREDERICTON (GNB) – Local governments and local service districts will receive more than $75.5 million in community funding and equalization grants from the provincial government in 2020, an increase of about $416,000 over last year.

“We are pleased to share this information with local governments and local service districts as they prepare their budgets for the coming year,” said Environment and Local Government Minister Jeff Carr. “As we embark on property tax reform and other municipal reforms it will be important to work with our communities to ensure we give them the tools and flexibility they need to develop and grow.”

Local governments will have a core funding component of $13.5 million and an equalization component of about $53.2 million.

Local service districts will receive core funding of $2.6 million and a police equalization component of $4.4 million.

The community funding and equalization grant formula also includes a calculation for policing costs for communities served by the RCMP under the Provincial Police Service Agreement.

The list of Community Funding and Equalization Grants for municipalities and rural communities, and the list of municipal tax bases are available online.

Having vibrant and sustainable communities is one of the government’s key priorities. More information about the government’s priorities and measurements is available online.