FREDERICTON (GNB) – The Environmental Trust Fund will invest about $8.4 million in environmental projects in 2018-19. This includes 227 community-based environmental initiatives worth more than $6.6 million, as well as almost $1.8 million in provincewide projects.

“The Environmental Trust Fund is an important mechanism for New Brunswick community groups, organizations, municipalities and institutions to implement projects that produce tangible, measurable benefits to the environment,” said Environment and Local Government Minister Serge Rousselle. “Your government is providing the necessary support for hundreds of local and provincewide projects that help us protect the environment, raise awareness, innovate and address climate change.”

“The Environmental Trust Fund provides a timely injection of funding that creates an estimated 120 jobs each year for university students, seasonal workers and full-time employees,” said deputy premier Stephen Horsman. “Here in the Fredericton region, 48 interesting projects will receive close to $1.5 million, with part of that going directly to hire many young New Brunswickers.”

The announcement was made today at the Ville Cooperative, which is receiving $50,000 to promote sustainable food systems through participatory engagement activities.

“We are excited to continue our Growing Healthy Communities program, which provides us the opportunity to educate and engage New Brunswickers, while working towards creating employment within the sustainable agricultural industry,” said Jeff MacFarlane, executive director of the Ville Cooperative. “This funding gives us the boost we need to build on our previous success, while also increasing our fresh produce production.”

The 2018-19 Environmental Trust Fund priority action areas are:

  • protecting the environment;
  • increasing environmental awareness;
  • managing waste;
  • addressing climate change; and
  • building sustainable communities.

“With the Environmental Trust Fund, we are able to finance both small and large projects across the province aimed at protecting, preserving and enhancing our natural environment,” said Rousselle. “By supporting initiatives that have a positive impact, we are contributing to job creation and responsible and sustainable economic growth, all while making New Brunswick the best place to raise a family.”

More information, including the list of approved projects and initiatives, is available on the Department of Environment and Local Government’s website.