FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government will issue a new Class 1 air quality approval for McCain Foods Ltd. for their Grand Falls Frozen Food Plant.

The company's current approval expires on Aug. 15, with the new approval taking effect on Aug. 16. The approval follows a public consultation process that included a public review that ran between Jan. 25 and May 23.

The plant, on Route 108 in Grand Falls, has been in operation at the existing location since 1971. Originally a french fry production plant, cold storage was added to the facility in 1973.

Annual production for the facility is about 85.5 million kilograms (190 million pounds) of french fries and about 9 million kilograms (20 million pounds) of specialty products.

The information, along with approval conditions, can be viewed on the Department of Environment and Local Government website or at any regional office of the department.

Class 1 major industries are required to comply with the Air Quality Regulation under the Clean Air Act, and to operate under the terms and conditions established in the approval to operate.