POINTE-DU-CHÊNE (GNB) – Advisories are now being issued in compliance with a new water quality monitoring protocol at Parlee Beach.

The protocol, which follows federal guidelines, was announced in April. Parlee Beach Provincial Park officially opens for the summer season on Friday, May 26.

“Minimizing the risk to public health is of the utmost importance for the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health,” said acting chief medical officer of health Dr. Jennifer Russell. “I am proud that today we have a new protocol in place that clearly communicates potential risk to residents and visitors of Parlee Beach.”

All the requirements outlined in the protocol are in accordance with the Guidelines for Canadian Recreational Water Quality, and include provisions that ensure:

  • Increased monitoring frequency and locations;
  • Training and sample collection is overseen by the Department of Environment and Local Government;
  • Public Health receives and interprets the monitoring results;
  • Park staff post signs to clearly indicate whether the water is suitable for swimming, or whether a no-swimming advisory or beach closure is in effect;
  • Auditing of the signage and advisories by Public Health; and
  • Current beach status and monitoring results are posted online.

In addition, the government recently announced provincial and federal investments of up to $3 million for infrastructure and studies to support water quality improvements at Parlee Beach.

As well, Parlee Beach was declared a unique feature of the environment, meaning developments that could affect the water quality at the beach will require an automatic review by the Department of Environment and Local Government to determine if an Environmental Impact Assessment is required.

Water quality monitoring for Murray Beach will also be implemented in the coming days following an assessment that was conducted in accordance with the Guidelines for Canadian Recreational Water Quality. Assessments are also being conducted for all provincial parks that have a designated swimming area and a determination will be made in the coming weeks regarding protocols for each of them.

Water quality advisories are available in multiple locations on-site, or online. Monitoring results may also be obtained by visiting the Beach Information website.