Government of New Brunswick

Rainfall, Snowfall, Stream Flow and Groundwater

Each month the Sciences and Reporting Branch of the Department of Environment prepares a summary of the state of water levels in the province based on precipitation and stream flow data for the previous 6 months. These provide information on how much rain and snow fell (precipitation), the volume of water flowing in rivers and streams (stream flow), and water levels in selected wells used to keep track of groundwater. The information in each report is compared to long-term averages.

An outlook is also provided, giving general information on the water level situation in the province, along with a precipitation forecast. When warranted, the outlook highlights the need for water conservation. The information for a given month is normally updated by the middle of the following month.

Note: the data provided in these reports is provisional and subject to revision. Anyone having specific enquiries should refer to the contact information link on this site.


Current Month and Previous Summaries