Government of New Brunswick

Grow NB will strengthen New Brunswick’s food system through improved support and focused programs to strengthen and grow our agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries sectors, including a special focus on Indigenous participants and their communities.

Grow NB will also work to “grow” our labour force to ensure that we have what is required to secure the long-term sustainability of our province’s food industry.


Buy NB will work with industry stakeholders, participants and Indigenous communities to develop initiatives and collaborative marketing efforts that will improve the marketability, visibility, awareness and demand of local products. In addition, initiatives will be developed to increase retail market access for local food and beverages in the province.

Buy NB will also work to increase opportunities for local food and beverages companies in the procurement of local food into provincial public institutions.


Feed NB will encourage the growth of home and community gardens and collaborate with charitable organizations and communities to enhance the use of healthy local food in community programs and initiatives.


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