Government of New Brunswick

The Province of New Brunswick owns three Marine Service Centres located in Shippagan, Bas-Caraquet and Grand Manan. Those facilities have attended to the needs of the local boat owners since the 1980's.

The Centres offer lift, launching and storage services as well as other related services for boats weighing up to 200 tons in Shippagan and Grand Manan and 300 tons in Bas-Caraquet. They serve mostly the traditional fishing and aquaculture sectors but also accommodate pleasure crafts, commercial boats and service vessels.

For a complete listing of services provided locally along with hours of operation and user fees, please contact the operators at the following addresses:

Shippagan Marine Service Centre
Centre de Services Maritimes aux Pêcheurs Inc.
278, avenue des Pêcheurs
Shippagan, NB E8S 1J6
(506) 336-1414 (phone)
(506) 336-1415 (fax)
[email protected]

Bas-Caraquet Marine Service Centre
Le Comité du Port de Caraquet Inc.
Civic Address :
2220, rue Gérard-Friolet
Bas-Caraquet, NB

Postal Address :
26, rue du Quai
Caraquet, NB  E1W 1B6
(506) 727-6145 (phone)
(506) 727-2020 (fax)
[email protected]

Fundy Marine Service Centre
Grand Manan Fishermen's Association Inc.
P.O. Box 907
Grand Manan, NB E5G 4M1
(506) 662-8481 (phone)
(506) 662-8336 (fax)