Landlord entry into a rental unit

What rules apply when a landlord enters an occupied rental unit


Landlords have the right to enter an occupied rental unit, but they must give notice to their tenants first, unless it’s an emergency. It is an offence against the Residential Tenancies Act if a landlord enters without notice. The amount of notice required depends on the reason for entry. Learn what rules apply and how much notice is required. 

Repairs and maintenance

A landlord can only enter an occupied rental unit for repairs and maintenance between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., excluding Sundays and holidays, unless it is an emergency or at the tenant’s request. 

Tenant request for repairs

When a tenant asks in writing that a landlord complete repairs, the landlord may enter the rental unit without notice within 2 working days of receiving the request.

If the landlord does not complete the repairs within 2 working days, they must give the tenant at least 24 hours’ notice in writing before entering the unit to make the repairs.

Routine maintenance

When a landlord wants to perform routine maintenance or complete normal repairs, they must provide the tenant with a minimum of 7 days' written notice.

Emergency repairs

The landlord must make emergency repairs without delay. Landlords have the right to enter a tenant’s rental unit without notice in emergency situations. To learn more about what is considered an emergency:

Viewings and inspections

A landlord may enter a rented unit between 8:00am to 8:00pm, excluding Sundays and holidays. They may enter to show it to potential tenants or buyers, or to do an inspection.

Showing to potential buyers

If a landlord or their realtor wants to enter a rental unit to show it to potential buyers, or to do an inspection, they must give the tenant at least 24 hours' notice. The landlord must let the tenant know if their realtor will be putting a lock box on the door to access it for viewings.

Showing to potential tenants

If a landlord wants to show a rental unit to potential tenants, they must give the tenant at least 24 hours' notice. No notice is required during the last month of the lease if this is specified in the lease. Refer to your lease for details.