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Follow Your Big Dreams by Studying in New Brunswick

If you’re looking for a place to study that has quality education, friendly and safe communities, options to work while you study, and immigration pathways for permanent residency after you graduate, look no further than New Brunswick. Here, you’ll feel welcomed and safe and part of a community that will quickly feel like home.

New Brunswick’s universities are some of the oldest in Canada, and along with our colleges, have links to research opportunities as well as private industry. In addition, you’ll have the option to attend either a French-language or English-language institution.

Each institution establishes its own admission criteria and process, so if you wish to register, it is your responsibility to initiate the process. Admission criteria are often similar but detailed admission information is available from each institution.

In addition to public universities, there are also private universities in New Brunswick. If you choose to apply to study at a private university or at a private career college, make sure the private school you apply meets provincial education requirements and is included on the list of designated learning institutions. You can find out more about choosing a school, college, or university here.

After receiving confirmation of acceptance from a post-secondary institution in New Brunswick, it may be necessary to obtain a study permit or Temporary Resident Visa before coming to Canada. You can find out more information about this process at Studying in Canada.

With so many great educational options to choose from, start exploring to find the school that aligns with your dreams for the future.

Public Universities

Mount Allison University Anglophone

Founded in 1839, Mount Allison has been recognized by Maclean’s as the top primarily undergraduate university in Canada 23 times in the past 32 years — a record unmatched by any other university. With over 50 programs and over 2,300 students, Mount Allison gives students the opportunity to create their own unique degree.

St. Thomas University Anglophone

The small, close-knit campus community at St. Thomas University is built on meaningful connections with peers and professors and a unique student experience. Located in Fredericton, it is a primarily undergraduate university offering bachelor’s degrees in the arts, education, and social work to approximately 1,900 students.

Université de Moncton Francophone

Founded in 1963, Université de Moncton has campuses in Edmundston, Moncton, and Shippagan, and offers nearly 200 programs. As Canada’s largest exclusively French-language university outside of Quebec, it offers training and research in the fields of management, arts, social sciences, law, engineering, natural sciences, health, social work, and education.

University of New Brunswick Anglophone

The oldest English-language university in Canada, the University of New Brunswick is among the oldest public universities in North America. With over 75 programs offered on campuses in Fredericton and Saint John and one of the best student-to-faculty ratios of Canada’s comprehensive universities, students can enroll in world-class programs while enjoying a small-university experience.

Private Universities

Crandall University Anglophone

Crandall University is a Baptist Christian liberal arts university located in Moncton that offers a wide variety of undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs. Undergraduate topics range from Theology to Business Administration to Education.

Kingswood University Anglophone

Kingswood University is an accredited Christian University in Canada that offers high-calibre programs focused on preparing students for Christian ministry. Undergraduate, graduate, and online degrees are offered in addition to certificate programs.

St. Stephen’s University Anglophone

St. Stephen’s University is a small Liberal Arts university located in St. Stephen that offers Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees in psychology, liberal arts, and humanities while offering its students an innovative and tailored educational experience.

University of Fredericton Anglophone

The University of Fredericton is an online university offering online certificate, diploma, and degree programs. Programs are designed for working professionals aspiring to advance their career and upgrade their education with minimal disruption to their work and personal life.

Yorkville University Anglophone

Since 2004, Yorkville University has successfully grown to encompass three campuses from coast to coast with flexible programs that can be taken on campus or online, or a combination of both.


Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick Francophone

Recognized for the quality of its professional and technical training, the Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB) is a community college offering quality French-language postsecondary education in the Atlantic region for more than 40 years.

Maritime College of Forest Technology Anglophone and Francophone

All students attending the Maritime College of Forest Technology are enrolled into the two-year Forest Technology Diploma program. The college produces quality graduates primed for work in the natural resource sector.

New Brunswick Community College Anglophone

New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) is a community college offering over 90 programs across 18 sectors at six campuses as well as First Nations sites and regional delivery sites throughout the province.

New Brunswick College of Craft and Design Anglophone

Established in 1938, the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (NBCCD) is an art college located in Fredericton that offers several fine arts and design diploma programs. It empowers learners to forge sustainable, creative careers.

Private Occupational Training Organizations

You can find a list of private occupational training organizations registered in New Brunswick here.

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