Pathway to Permanent Residency

As an international student in New Brunswick, our goal is for you to succeed (New Brunswick is BIG on helping you succeed)! When you study here, you become part of our community, which is why we want you to stay after you finish your studies and make New Brunswick your home. Our province has a lot to offer, including a great quality of life with affordable housing, friendly communities, a laidback lifestyle, and an abundance of gorgeous nature.

In addition, there will be an estimated 12,000 jobs available every year for the next 5 years in sectors like health care, education, manufacturing, transportation, construction, information and communications technology, agriculture, and aquaculture. That makes New Brunswick an excellent place to settle down and find your dream career.

Tips for a Successful Pathway to Permanent Residency

As a student, be engaged.

The activities you participate in while studying may open doors for you in the future. These activities are perfect for networking, meeting new people, and building connections. Some ideas for you to consider are:

  • Be active in college and university activities on and off-campus.
  • Access settlement services.
  • Engage with the community.
  • Attend job fairs and networking events.
  • Participate in programs for international students and newcomers.

Learn more at Future NB and take a look at the Study and Succeed Program.

Employment is key.

Don’t wait until you graduate, start planning and build a network and experience that will give you more employment options! As an international student, you may be eligible for a post-graduation work permit.

Understand the immigration process.

If you decide you want to make New Brunswick your permanent home after graduation, you’re ready to start your journey to permanent residency. Explore our Permanent Residency Streams.

After You Graduate

Once you’ve completed your post-secondary studies in New Brunswick, and maybe even have some work experience here, you’ve decided you want to stay and become a permanent resident of Canada.

Working as a Post-Graduate International Student

Once you graduate, it is important to maintain your valid legal status to remain in Canada. International students who have completed their program of study in an eligible Canadian designated learning institutions can apply and obtain an open work permit (Post Graduation Work Permit/PGWP) to gain valuable Canadian work experience. Please visit the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship (IRCC) website to find more information on PGWP.

If you graduated from a New Brunswick institution, some immigration streams will exempt you from the one year of experience you’d need to apply for permanent residency, however, this is the most crucial time to find employment and start your career.

Finding Employment

WorkingNB provides you with a variety of services to assist you in finding employment, including:

  • Career guidance
  • Training supports
  • Experiential learning opportunities
  • Workplace essential skills
  • Job search support

WorkingNB employment counsellors can work with you to find flexible and creative solutions to meet your career goals. The service is offered throughout the province at no cost in both English and French. Please contact WorkingNB for more information.

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Permanent Residency Streams

To get started on your journey to permanent residency, you’ll want to explore the different immigration streams available to find the best one for your circumstances. You can explore all the streams here. You can also learn more about Federal Immigration Programs that can help you settle in the province.

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