Government of New Brunswick

Government is doing everything necessary to assist residents during the 2019 spring freshet, and is bringing in additional resources to ensure everyone remains safe.

Communities across the province are encouraged to assist in this effort as New Brunswick moves toward the recovery phase of this event in the days and weeks ahead.

Residents are encouraged to step up, reach out and help out as they are able. Those who can safely do so are asked to reach out to neighbours to see if they require assistance. Residents can also reach out to the Canadian Red Cross, their local EMO, or local authorities to find out where the needs are, and to find out how they can help. Residents are also asked to listen to the advice of local authorities including police, fire departments and local municipalities.

People should follow authoritative sources like NBEMO, or the Government of New Brunswick on Facebook and Twitter and share information from these sources on their social media accounts.

Emergency Measures Organization

The New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization co-ordinates preparedness for emergencies by provincial government departments and municipal governments.