Government of New Brunswick

If your services are required, the RHA will:

  • process your application
  • provide you with privileges if the RHA's Board of Directors approves your application

The Regional Health Authority will then notify Medicare of your privileges. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick will advise Medicare and the New Brunswick Medical Society that you are licensed to practice medicine in the province.

Subsequently, Medicare will provide you with a registration package. The package may contain:

  • a Medicare Practitioner Registration Form
  • two Medicare/PDP Teletransmission Agreements (if applicable)
  • a Teletransmission Application Form (if applicable)
  • a Practitioner's Authorization form (if applicable)
  • a Direct Deposit Service information pamphlet and form (if applicable)
  • the Medicare's Locum Policy
  • the Emergency Room Roster Physicians' Policy (if applicable)

To process your information, please send it to us by email.

For additional information, please contact Medicare's Practitioner Registrar at (506) 444-5376 or visit our website.