Government of New Brunswick
Hon.   Cabinet Biographies
Brian Gallant Premier Office of the Premier Biography
Brian Gallant President Executive Council Office  
Brian Gallant Minister responsible Education and New Economy Fund
Brian Gallant Minister responsible Innovation  
Brian Gallant Minister responsible Premier’s Council on Disabilities
Brian Gallant Minister responsible Women’s Equality  
Brian Gallant Attorney General Office of the Attorney General  
Stephen Horsman Deputy Premier Office of the Deputy Premier Biography
Stephen Horsman Minister   Families and Children  
Stephen Horsman Minister responsible Military Affairs  
Stephen Horsman * Minister responsible Poverty Reduction and the Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation  
Denis Landry Minister Justice and Public Safety Biography
Denis Landry * Minister Transportation and Infrastructure  
Brian Kenny Minister Education and Early Childhood Development Biography
Brian Kenny Minister responsible Official Languages  
Roger Melanson President Treasury Board Biography
Roger Melanson Minister responsible Trade Policy  
Roger Melanson Minister Post-Secondary Education  
Roger Melanson Minister responsible
Aboriginal Affairs  
Roger Melanson * Minister Energy and Resource Development  
Francine Landry Minister Economic Development Biography
Francine Landry Minister responsible Francophonie  
Francine Landry Minister responsible Opportunities NB  
Francine Landry*
Minister responsible
Northern Fund
Francine Landry *
Minister responsible
Intergovernmental Affairs
Cathy Rogers Minister Finance Biography
Cathy Rogers Minister responsible Literacy  
Cathy Rogers * Minister responsible Regional Development Corporation  
Lisa Harris
Seniors and Long-Term Care
Lisa Harris
Minister responsible
Celtic Affairs  
Lisa Harris *
Minister responsible
Miramichi Fund  
Benoît Bourque Minister Health Biography
Benoît Bourque
Minister Service New Brunswick
Benoît Bourque * Minister Aquaculture and Fisheries  
Andrew Harvey
Minister Environment and Local Government Biography
Andrew Harvey * Minister Agriculture, Mines and Rural Affairs
Gilles LePage Minister Labour, Employment and Population Growth
Gilles LePage * Minister Tourism, Heritage and Culture  

* Acting