FREDERICTON (GNB) – A campaign promoting the message to Vote Early and Vote Safely has been launched by Elections New Brunswick.

“To help reduce the potential of lineups at polling stations on election day, we are encouraging voters to take advantage of the early voting opportunities that are available,” said Chief Electoral Officer Kim Poffenroth.

The campaign promotes voting at returning offices, voting during the two days of advance voting and voting by mail. The multimedia campaign will use TV ads, YouTube, radio commercials and various social media platforms to ensure the message reaches a wide audience of electors.

Two You Tube videos, a longer version and a shorter version, are available online

“We have taken the measures required to ensure the places where people vote are safe in this pandemic environment,” said Poffenroth. “By voting earlier, electors can do their part to reduce the number of people who show up during traditional peak voting times.”

Advance polls take place on Saturday, Sept. 5, and Tuesday, Sept. 8.

Election day is Monday, Sept. 14. Polls are open from 10 a.m. until 8.p.m.

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