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Aboriginal Affairs Grants Program  
Adjustment Services - Employment Services    
Affordable Rental Housing Program   
After School Hours Initiatives or Activities Grant   
Arts - Festival Grant  
Arts - Partnership for Community Cultural Activities (Grant)  
Arts and Cultural Industries - Strategic Initiatives Fund (Grant)  
Arts Groups - Literary Promotion Grant  
Arts Organizations - Professional Development Grant  
Arts Organizations - Professional Production and Presentation Operational Grant 
Arts Organizations - Service-based Operational Grant  
Communities Raising Children   
Community Events Programs  
Cultural Cooperation Grant Program (New Brunswick/Quebec)  
Employer Wage Incentive - Workforce Expansion   
Environmental Trust Fund  
Family and Youth Capital Assistance Program  
Fine Art Conservation Grant  
Foreign Qualifications Recognition Funding Program  
Francophone Immigrant Settlement Support Funding Program  
Grants for initiatives that prevent violence against women     
Heritage Place - Conservation Grant  
Heritage Place - Property Tax Abatement   
Historical Society - Operations Grant  
Immigrant Settlement Support Funding Program  
Long-term Athlete Development   
Multicultural Grants Program  
Museum - Collection Inventory Grant  
Museum - Exhibits & Activities Grant  
Museum - Operations Grant  
Museum - Professional and Organizational Development Grant  
Non-Profit Housing Program   
Physical Activity – Active Communities Grant   
Program on the Provision of Official-Language Services 2009-2013 (POLS)   
Provincial Property Tax Exemption for Not-for-Profit Low Rental Housing   
Rental Conversion Program   
Rental Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program   
Rooming House Rehabilitation Assistance Program   
Shelter Enhancement Program   
Sport - Go NB (Grant)  
Sport and Recreation Organizations (Provincial Grant)  
Sport and Recreation Organizations (Regional / Local Grant)  
Student Employment Experience Development (SEED) - Employers  
Support for Translation and Interpretation Program  
Wage Incentive – One-job Pledge   
Wellness - Community Food Action Program   
Wellness Learning Opportunities Grants  
Work Ability