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    A grant program aimed at increasing opportunities for New Brunswickers to engage in physical activity, increasing awareness of the benefits to be gained from it and building sustainability of leadership.


    All applicants must come from, or be partnered with a community organization. Organizations eligible to apply for Active Communities Grant Program funding include:

    - Non-profit volunteer local, regional and provincial organizations and groups; community-based coalitions and networks; professional organizations and associations; and,
    - Communities/Municipalities.


    This Grant Program will provide support for activities and projects that raise awareness of the importance of physical activity, provide new or expanded opportunities for New Brunswickers to be active and provide opportunities for networking with the intent of building capacity.

    The objectives of the grant program are to:

    - increase opportunities for New Brunswickers to engage in physical activity as part of their everyday life;
    - encourage, support and build sustainable physical activity leadership;
    - increase public awareness of the benefits and enjoyment of physical activity;
    - address common barriers to physical activity; and,
    - encourage the participation of those who are not currently active.

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