Government of New Brunswick

Seventy-one occupations are designated under the Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification Act.  Fifty of these occupations are Interprovincial Red Seal occupations. Twelve of the designated occupations are prescribed to be compulsory. Apprenticeship training is available in fifty-three of the seventy-one occupations.


Twelve compulsory occupations are identified below on the list of designated occupations by a green dot. To work in any of the occupations that are compulsory under the Act, an individual must:

  • hold a Certificate of Qualification, a Certificate of Qualification Without Written Examination, or a Diploma of Apprenticeship in the compulsory occupation issued under the Act; or
  • hold a work permit or improver card issued under the Act; or
  • register as an apprentice or pre-apprentice under the Act; or
  • be registered as an apprentice in the compulsory occupation in another province or territory of Canada and be working in New Brunswick for a period of six months or less.

Compulsory occupations are prescribed by regulation by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council.


Most occupations are not compulsory under the Act. Fifty-nine voluntary occupations are identified on the list of designated occupations and are regulated by Board Orders.


Red Seal endorsement allows certified workers to work anywhere in Canada where their occupation is designated.  There are fifty Interprovincial Red Seal occupations in New Brunswick.

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Red Seal Occupation
Compulsory Occupation
Designated Occupations Technical Training Appren. Hrs. Trade Qualifier Hrs.
Agricultural Equipment Technician Yes 7,200 9,000  
Appliance Service Technician Yes 5,400 7,200  
Automotive Painter Yes 3,600 3,600  
Automotive Service Technician Yes 7,200 9,000
Automotive Service Technician
(Steering, Suspension and Brakes)
Yes 5,400 5,400  
Baker N/A N/A 7,200
Blaster N/A N/A 1    
Bricklayer Yes 5,400 7,200
Cabinetmaker Yes 7,200 9,000  
Carpenter Yes 7,200 9,000  
Commercial Trailer Technician Yes 5,400 7,200  
Computerized Numerical Control
Yes 7,200 9,000    
Concrete Finisher N/A N/A 7,200  
Construction Boilermaker Yes 5,400 7,200
Construction Craft Worker Yes 3,600 5,400  
Construction Electrician Yes 9,000 10,800
Cook Yes 5,400 9,000  
Distribution Construction Lineman Yes 5,400 7,200    
Distribution System Operator N/A N/A 5,400    
Electric Motor System Technician Yes 7,200 9,000  
Electronics Technician
(Consumer Products)
N/A N/A 9,000    
Engineering Assistant N/A N/A 5,400    
Floorcovering Installer N/A N/A 5,400  
Glazier N/A N/A 7,200  
Hairstylist N/A N/A 2  
Heat Treatment Technician N/A N/A 2    
Heavy Equipment Operator Yes 7,200 9,000  
Heavy Equipment Service Technician Yes 7,200 9,000  
Industrial Electrician Yes 7,200 9,000  
Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) Yes 7,200 9,000  
Instrumentation and Control Technician Yes 7,200 10,800  
Insulator (Heat And Frost) Yes 7,200 9,000  
Ironworker (Generalist) Yes 5,400 7,200  
Ironworker (Reinforcing) Yes 3,600 5,400  
Ironworker (Structural/Ornamental) Yes 3,600 5,400  
Landscape - Horticulturist Yes 5,400 7,200  
Lather (Interior Systems Mech.) Yes 5,400 7,200  
Locksmith N/A N/A 9,000    
Machinist Yes 7,200 9,000  
Mobile Crane Operator (Hydraulic) Yes 7,200 2
Mobile Crane Operator (Lattice) Yes 7,200 2
Mobile Hoisting Equipment Operator Yes 1,800 2,700    
Motor Vehicle Body Repairer
(Metal and Paint)
Yes 7,200 9,000  
Motorcycle Mechanic N/A N/A 7,200  
Oil Heat System Technician Yes 7,200 7,200
Painter and Decorator Yes 5,400 7,200  
Partsperson N/A N/A 7,200  
Plumber Yes 7,200 9,000
Power Engineer
(2nd Class)
Yes 7,200 N/A    
Power Engineer
(3rd Class)
Yes 3,600 N/A    
Power Engineer
(4th Class)
Yes 1,800 N/A    
Powerline Technician Yes 7,200 9,000  
Recreation Vehicle Service Technician Yes 5,400 7,200  
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician Yes 7,200 9,000
River Control Operator
N/A N/A 7,200    
Roofer Yes 5,400 7,200  
Sheet Metal Worker Yes 7,200 10,800
Small Equipment Mechanic Yes 5,400 7,200  
Sprinkler System Installer Yes 7,200 9,000
Staker / Detailer N/A N/A 3,600    
Steamfitter - Pipefitter Yes 7,200 9,000
Steel Fabricator (Fitter) Yes 7,200 9,000  
Switchboard Operator Yes 5,400
Tilesetter N/A N/A 9,000  
Tool and Die Maker N/A N/A 7,200  
Transport Refrigeration Service Technician Yes 5,400 7,200    
Truck and Transport
Service Technician
Yes 7,200 9,000  
Water and Waste Water Operator N/A N/A 2    
Water Well Driller Yes 5,400 7,200    
Welder Yes 5,400 5,400  

1No apprenticeship training available; a Certificate of Qualification will be issued upon proof of required practical experienced and successful writing of the certification examination.

2See regulations for requirements of candidates for Certificate of Qualification.