Government of New Brunswick


Apprenticeship training is not available for this occupation.


An individual desiring certification as a journeyperson in New Brunswick, in the Arborist occupation is required to meet one of the criteria as stipulated in Board Order GC002 "Requirement to Obtain a Certificate of Qualification.

A person who has gained the equivalent of 5400 hours of practical experience in the Arborist occupation may apply for Certification. Successful candidates will receive a New Brunswick Certificate of Qualification.

For more information, please see the corresponding Board for this occupation, under Tasks, Activities and Functions of a Designated Occupation.


The arborist occupation includes:
(a) the planting, fertilizing and pruning of trees;
(b) the removal of trees;
(c) the operating and maintaining of aerial devices and
vegetation management equipment such as chain saws and
brush chippers;
(d) the climbing of trees and working at height;
(e) the identification and monitoring of trees and woody plants species, their
diseases and pests;
(f) the hoisting and rigging of trees and limbs;
(g) the interpretation of trees and woody plants;
(h) the developing of good customer relations;
(i) the maintaining of a working knowledge of operation
regulations, working clearances , and safety regulations;
(j) the cleaning up of storm damage; and
(k) the maintenance of utility corridors.


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
  Certificate of Qualification Examination250.001997-11-10
  Certificate of Qualification based on "out-of-province journeyperson status"150.002012-08-01
  Replacement of Certification Documents20.002013-08-01
  Certificate of Qualification Challenger Assessment Fee100.002012-08-01
  Replacement of Photo Identification Card20.002012-08-01