Government of New Brunswick

Do you have a disability that makes it difficult to read standard print? Are you unable to visit a library? Register for Talking Books Service by Mail to access restricted alternative formats such as DAISY books.

This service is made possible thanks to Canada Post’s Library Materials Service and the Literature for the Blind Program. The alternative formats are offered in partnership with the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) and Bibliothèques et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ). For more information or to sign up, call 1-888-759-3535 or email [email protected].


Q: What materials are available to me?
A: You can receive large print books, audiobooks on CD, MP3 CDs, Playaways, DAISY CDs, braille and print-braille books through the mail. There are also accessible resources available online such as eBooks and eAudiobooks. Additional collections such as e-text and e-braille are available from CELA.

Q: Do I need to provide proof of a print disability to access restricted alternative formats?
A: A self-declaration of having a print disability is required upon registration if you want access to restricted alternative formats. NBPLS does reserve the right to ask for verification of a print disability from a competent authority at any time in order to ensure compliance with the use of alternative formats produced under the Copyright Act.

Q: Does CELA, Bookshare or SQLA require proof of disability to access restricted alternative formats?
A: Yes, access to Bookshare (through CELA) and SQLA require proof of disability from a competent authority. CELA only requires the patron to self-declare as having a print disability.

Q: How do patrons receive documents that are mailed by the service?
A: Materials are mailed to patrons via Canada Post in black, postage-paid library mailing bag. If Canada Post does not deliver to your door, you may have to pick up the materials at the post office. If you have questions regarding this, please contact us.