Government of New Brunswick

New Brunswick is a province rooted in its diverse communities and peoples.

We have a network of 63 public libraries, online services, and books-by-mail services. Each library reflects and celebrates the unique qualities of the communities they serve to offer services that meet their needs.

Through our varied services and programs, we keep people connected, learning, reading, playing, and creating in today's ever-changing world.



Our Vision

Where communities connect, read, learn, play, and create.



Our Mission

Bringing people together by providing access to resources and experiences.



Our Values

Intellectual Freedom:
Facilitating the free exchange of information and ideas in a democratic society while respecting individuals' rights to privacy and choice.

Community Oriented: Prioritizing community needs and interests.

Equitable Service: Being professional, respectful, and fair.

Innovation: Encouraging creativity and experimentation.

Inclusion: Providing accessible and welcoming services to all people in our communities.

Client Focus: Providing excellent service.