Government of New Brunswick

Various types and volumes of petroleum products are stored in storage tanks above and below ground. These tanks vary in size and shape, and can be constructed single or double walled from materials such as steel, concrete or fiberglass. A public notice was issued in October of 1986 identifying petroleum storage sites having a total storage capacity of 2000 litres or greater, and marinas having a system with a total capacity of 200 litres, as being a "danger of pollution" under the "Clean Environment Act", and therefore requiring registration.

An approval must be obtained from the Minister of the Environment and Local Government prior to the installation of a petroleum storage system, that, by itself, or when its volume is added to the volume of tanks currently on site, will have a capacity of 2000 litres or more.

Planning Storage Tank Installation

When planning the installation of a petroleum storage tank system, an application for site approval must be made to DELG Head Office by submitting a completed Schedule "A" Part I form, provide by the Department. The site approval when granted, will notify the applicant of the requirements of installation based on the sensitivity of the area. The proponent may then complete a Schedule "A" Part II, to apply for an Environmental Approval for the design / construction phase of the project.

These approvals are a requirement of the New Brunswick "Petroleum Product Handling and Storage Regulation", and do not relieve the proponent of any provisions under the National Fire Code.


Storage Tank Installation

Upon receipt of the Environmental Approval, the proponent must notify the DELG Regional Office Inspector of the installation, and arrange an inspection date.

The New Brunswick "Construction Standards for Installation and Removal of Petroleum Storage Systems" are to be followed for the installation of all petroleum storage tanks.

All work related to the installation must be supervised by a licensed petroleum tank installer. A list of contractors licensed for the installation and removal of petroleum storage systems can be obtained from any DELG office.


Registration/Site license

When the construction is complete, the proponent must provide a completed Schedule "A" part III obtained from the DELG Head Office for the registration of the tanks.

The Petroleum Storage Site License is issued to the site owner when all site components are in compliance, licence fee payment has been made, and liability insurance has been verified. The license holder must display the license in a conspicuous location in public view.

Product Delivery

The "Petroleum Product and Handling Regulation", specifies that no person shall place petroleum in a storage system unless that system has a valid license appropriate to that location.


Further Information

Additional information and assistance can be obtained by contacting DELG Authorizations Branch, or a Department of Environment and Local Government Regional Office in your area.