GNB Mosaïk

Creating Employment Pathways for Newcomers

GNB Mosaïk is an intentionally co-created newcomer hiring program for anyone who was not born in Canada, is eligible to work in Canada and is seeking meaningful employment opportunities within GNB. 

As the largest employer in the province, GNB has a role to play in supporting newcomers and refugees in their settlement journey. 

GNB Mosaik will take on this role offering meaningful employment, on the job language support and making the connections that foster a sense of belonging in and out of the workplace. 

By putting newcomers and refugees at the center of this work, GNB Mosaïk strives to embrace diversity and inclusion to better serve everyone who calls New Brunswick home. 

Meet the GNB Mosaïk Team


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Are you a newcomer or do you know a newcomer who'd like to enroll in the GNB Mosaïk program? 


Co-create a GNB workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities in which we live & serve.


Help mitigate the negative effects of the provincial skills shortages within GNB by modernizing the GNB hiring process using a human-centered approach to remove barriers and enable the hiring and welcoming of newcomers and refugees into the civil service.

Three Pillars


Employment: the program will match diverse talent to meaningful jobs across our organization, identify and establish provincial, national, and international talent pipelines, and being the work to prepare the GNB workforce to welcome and retain an influx of diverse talent.


Language: is oftentimes a barrier to employment for newcomers and refugees. To remove this barrier, GNB Mosaïk will use a 3-pronged approach: offer a new intensive language training, offer interpretation and translation support and, adopt automated translation technology. This approach will not only support newcomers and refugees through the hiring and onboarding process, but also support the long-term integration of these newcomers into our workforce.


Community: The third pillar calls on GNB to take a holistic approach to hiring, taking care of the whole person and the whole family. To do this we will work alongside internal and external experts, to ensure that all newcomer hires are not only settling into their new job, but are settling into their new community, and are having all their essential needs met like finding a home, enrolling their children in school and access to healthcare.

Success stories

This is an amazing story about Olena Pavlenko, a new Program Advisor of the Department of Health.

Prior to moving to Canada, Olena found this vacancy on the GNB website and sent her resume. She met the GNB HR team online and went through several online interviews.

Thanks to the support of the GNB Mosaїk team, Olena received a job offer in August.

More information about Olena's story (Click to expand)

“I will never forget this moment,” Olena says. “This job opened new opportunities for me and my family! I can share my skills and experience with the GNB team now. For Ukrainians like me, it is especially important to receive such lucky chance and sound advice.”

Olena gives special thanks to Rebecca McSheffery and Mariia Shkurat for their help in bringing her family, including her mother, her son, and a large grey cat, to Fredericton.

With the cat, it was a separate big story of the trip to Canada, because he lives by his own rules, but he is native.

It was a challenging time to change their lives completely (new country, new life, new school for her son, new city, new food, etc.), but they were happy to be safe and meet nice people here.

“The GNB Mosaїk Team, Department of Health, MCAF (Multicultural Association of Fredericton Inc) helped a lot,” she says. “My family and I are very appreciative of your help and support. I would like to say a big thank you to the whole GNB Mosaїk team for their support of my family and Ukrainians during this difficult time. For me, the process of getting a Canadian job went well, Canadians are open and kind, give advice, it is an awesome culture. My tip for newcomers is not to be afraid to send a CV and search for Canadian job before flying here – it will make the move here easier. The most important is learning English or French; it helps in your communication and work.”

The GNB Mosaїk team wishes peace and prosperity to the Pavlenko Family!