Key Sectors and In-Demand Jobs


New Brunswick’s location, infrastructure, research capacity, and talent pipeline mean the province is attracting a wide variety of companies, large to small, which means big opportunities for career seekers of all kinds.

Pair that with New Brunswick’s renowned natural beauty, diverse culture, low cost of living, and laid-back lifestyle, and you have a place where you can build your dream career while also having the time and resources to build your dream life.

In-Demand Careers

Since New Brunswick is facing labour shortages across many sectors, there is Labour Market Information (LMI) on job opportunities for specific in-demand careers. NBJobs’ Careers in Demand gives you an overview of the occupations available in healthcare, education, information technology, forestry, food production, and skilled trades, including duties, training requirements, job openings, and salaries.

If you’d like more detailed information on occupations and job opportunities in New Brunswick, you can find resources here that will help you make good decisions about the kind of education or training you need as well as what workplace best fits your lifestyle.

Hiring Demand Bulletins

You can get a snapshot of the latest jobs available, what skills are in demand, and what companies are currently looking for candidates in the Hiring Demand Bulletins. These bulletins are prepared each month by the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (PETL) based on online job ads from across the internet.

Sector Profiles

There are 15 sectors that make up New Brunswick’s economy. If you want to learn more about what these sectors are, as well as detailed information on each sector’s GDP and productivity, workforce (demographics, wages, etc.), regional highlights, and forecast data, you can find Sector Profiles here.

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