Childcare in New Brunswick

Soon after arriving, you may be starting work, beginning classes, or need to run errands that you can’t do while accompanied by children. By law, children younger than 12 years old cannot be left alone, so you may need to find childcare for these times, as well as childcare before and after school for your younger family members. New Brunswick knows how important it is for children to have a great start and for families to have childcare options that work for them. Learn more about the Early Learning and Childcare Services available to you in the province here.

Families are responsible for finding and obtaining a childcare space for their child(ren). Families are responsible for paying childcare fees. New Brunswick offers financial support to eligible families under the Parent Subsidy Program and the Daycare Assistance Program. Early childhood programs and services are available in French and in English across New Brunswick.

A variety of programs and services are offered, such as:

  • Early childhood intervention to support the healthy development of children aged 0 to 8
  • Early Learning and Childcare services for children aged 0 to 12
  • Financial support services to help parents cover the cost of early learning and childcare

These are examples of programs and services you can access through school districts and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Childcare Options

New Brunswick offers several childcare options, including:

  • Licensed childcare centres
  • Home-based childcare centres
  • Preschools
  • Drop-in daycare centres
  • Individuals offering babysitting or nanny services
  • Some Immigration Settlement agencies offer childcare

Some communities also offer government-subsidized day care for low-income families. You can look in your local telephone directory under Childcare or Day Cares to see what’s available near you. Many communities also have local family resource centres that can help you start your search.

New Brunswick Family Services Act

Children are protected by the New Brunswick Family Services Act, which makes it illegal to leave a child younger than 12 at home alone; furthermore, using excessive force to discipline a child is considered abusive and is against the law.

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