Pregnancy, sexual and reproductive health

Information on sexual and reproductive health in New Brunswickers.

Family planning

Healthy pregnancy and early childhood

Information and resources for new parents and guardians

Pregnancy (Vitalité)

Information and resources for planned and unplanned pregnancy.

Get a PAP test

Book a PAP test with a healthcare provider in your community.

Sexually Transmitted and Blood Borne Infections (STBBIs)


Practice safe sex and lower your risk of sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBI).

Get Tested

Information on transmission and prevention including STBBI’s and safer sex.


Information on testing options for STBBIs; the delivery of testing, support services and resources.

Program and services

Sexual health services – Horizon Health Network

Sexual health clinic locations and public health program information

Sexual health services – Vitalité Health Network

Contraception, pregnancy, anonymous HIV testing, and STBBI testing information

AIDS New Brunswick

HIV, Hepatitis C, and STBBI prevention, education, and initiatives.

Ensemble (Greater Moncton)

HIV, Hepatitis C, STBBI, and Harm Reduction education, prevention and support.

Avenue B (Saint John)

HIV, Hepatitis C, STBBI, and Harm Reduction education, prevention and support.

Human papillomavirus (PDF)

Information about symptoms, transmission and treatment.

No means No: Understanding consent to sexual activity

Information about age of consent to sexual activity, sexual assault laws in Canada, and offences involving sexual exploitation.

Domestic violence

Information and Support Services for victims of Domestic Abuse. If you and your children are in immediate danger, call 911. There are resources and people who care and who are ready to help in anyway they can.

Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights

A sexual health information hub, directory of sexual health providers, toll-free access line, and information on Beyond the Basics, a sex-ed resource for educators.