Government of New Brunswick


This program provides opportunity to:
1) capitalize on crop development opportunities in New Brunswick;
2) advance crop and livestock sectors that have growth potential within New Brunswick; and,
3) add value to crops by optimizing their uses in non-food/livestock feed markets.

Program Initiative funding is provided by the Growing Forward 2 Initiative (A federal-provincial-territorial Initiative). Program ends March 31, 2018.


1) Farmers, groups of farmers, industry associations, non-government organizations, institutions, academic institutions, agribusinesses and other individuals or groups capable of achieving the objectives.

2) i. Sector based provincial programs - Agricultural industry associations; ii. Regional projects creating agricultural economic development opportunities: farmers, groups of farmers and agricultural industry associations.

3) Farmers, groups of farmers, industry associations, non- government organizations, institutions, academic institutions, agribusinesses and other individuals or groups capable of achieving the objectives.


A) For new crop development opportunities, funding will be provided for activities which help reduce risk and encourage production associated with the introduction of new crops. Examples of eligible activities would include but are not limited to: contracting of consultants, seed costs, crop specific production costs not normally associated with typical crop production, (e.g. fertilizer and pesticides would not be eligible but compost and mulch could be eligible if specifically required for the new crop to grow successfully), coordinators and/or scouts with expertise in the required production/management areas to advise producers during the introduction period or costs associated with any Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA) requirements. If strategic minor infrastructure is required to support and encourage production it may also be considered. Production trials, strategic investigative travel, value chain development, crop management activities, production manual development, activities associated with satisfying regulatory requirements associated with new crop introductions and specialized equipment to be shared amongst producers will also be considered.

B) i. Funding for crop and livestock sectors that have identified growth opportunities that can benefit the sector on a provincial basis will be considered on a sector basisTo be eligible for sector based programming, sectors must have completed a strategy to support the requested programming. The strategy should focus on what is required to advance the sector in order to capture opportunities or address issues over the next 5 year period. Strong rationale must be provided as to why the programming is required along with solid performance measures in order to measure the impact of the funding for the sector.

ii. Individuals or groups who have identified a crop or livestock growth opportunity may also be considered if the identified opportunity has the potential to benefit the respective sector or provide for new regional economic developmental opportunities. Requests supported by a strong business plan will be given priority.

C) Funding for activities that could add value to New Brunswick grown crops by optimizing their use in non-food/livestock feed markets will be considered. Activities associated with the development and evaluation of products for bio-industrial uses such as biofuels, bioenergy, biolubricants, pharmaceutical, specialty chemicals, biocomposites, oils, fiber or bioplastics may be eligible. Examples of eligible activities would include, but are not limited to: strategic investigative travel, crop management and production trials, production manual development, value chain development, crop and land inventory and other related studies, projects targeted at building bio-product research capacity in New Brunswick and cost of equipment directly related to the project.

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