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    The Department receives applications for non-repayable strategic assistance in the aquaculture and fisheries sector with an objective to enhance the competitiveness and innovation of the fishery, aquaculture and seafood processing sectors in New Brunswick and to create new economic development opportunities.


    Proposals will be accepted from universities, private research centres, commodity or industry organizations, individual or groups of primary producers, aquaculturists, fishermen, processors, NB based marketing companies, agribusinesses and other industry organizations. Proposals from the department will be accepted on an exception basis only (for example, where it can be demonstrated that industry will benefit from the project).

    Applicants must conform to the requirements of all federal and provincial regulatory bodies and agencies and the requirements set out in the Aquaculture and Fisheries Strategic Assistance Manual for Industry.
    The project must fit with the Province’s sector strategies (in terms of impact on marine resources, jobs, export sales, markets, etc.).
    The applicant must invest, or have invested, an acceptable amount of equity in the project . Typically, provincial government contribution will not exceed 50% of the total project cost.


    Strategic assistance may be provided to finance viable projects that will contribute towards the global competitiveness of the New Brunswick’s aquaculture, fisheries and seafood processing industries, support innovation and create new economic development opportunities.

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