Government of New Brunswick

Information about services that support living essentials, such as housing, income support, and
care for children, seniors and people with disabilities.

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Access and Assessment   
Adoption - Subsidized Adoption   
Case Management - Social Assistance clients   
Children - New Brunswick Child Tax Benefit   
Day Care Assistance Program   
Early Childhood Initiatives   
Emergency Fuel Benefit   
Family Income Security Appeals Board   
Family Support Orders Service (FSOS)  
Federal/Provincial Repair Program    
Fuel Supplement   
Funeral Benefit   
Going Into a Nursing Home (PLEIS)  
Health Services Allergy Serum Program    
Health Services Convalescent/Rehabilitation Program   
Health Services Dental Program   
Health Services Enhanced Dental Program   
Health Services Hearing Aid Program    
Health Services Hyperalimentation Program   
Health Services Orthopedic Program    
Health Services Ostomy / Incontinence Program   
Health Services Out of Province Medical Program   
Health Services Oxygen and Breathing Aids Program   
Health Services Prosthetic Program    
Health Services Vision Program    
Health Services Wheelchair/Seating Program   
Healthy Smiles, Clear Vision   
Heating Allowance   
Home Completion Loan Program   
Home Energy Assistance Program  
Home Ownership Program   
Housing Assistance for Persons with Disabilities   
Non-Profit Housing Program   
Old Age Security (OAS) Program    
Post Guardianship   
Postnatal Benefit Program   
Prenatal Benefit Program   
Prescription Drug Program - Adults in Licenced Residential Facilities (Plan E)   
Prescription Drug Program - Children in Care of Minister of Social Development and Special Needs Children (Plan G)   
Prescription Drug Program - HIV/AIDS (Plan U)    
Prescription Drug Program - Multiple Sclerosis (Plan H)  
Prescription Drug Program - Nursing Home Residents (PlanV)    
Prescription Drug Program - Organ Transplant Plan (Plan R)   
Prescription Drug Program - Seniors (Plan A)   
Prescription Drug Program - Social Development Clients (Plan F)   
Property Tax Deferral Program for Seniors  
Public Housing   
Rent Supplement Assistance Program   
Rural and Native/Basic Shelter Rental Program   
Seniors - Low-Income Seniors' Benefit