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    This program serves as the initial link between this department and the individual, the family and the community.


    General public requiring services provided by this department.


    This program functions as the gateway where:

    - reports relating to Child Protection and Adult Protection are received and evaluated,
    - individuals can request service and be assessed for service eligibility,
    - information on services offered by this department and related community services is available and provided, and
    - crisis response and stabilization services are delivered to persons requiring emergency or short term services provided by this department.

    The approach to program delivery includes general, specialized and multidisciplinary assessments of individuals and families, crisis response counselling, and provision or arrangement of emergency social services.

    The program's goals are:

    - to effectively link people seeking information on services offered by this department or related community services;
    - to stabilize social crisis situations relating to protection and social support of dependent individuals and family members; and,
    - to ensure that services offered by this department are provided to eligible individuals

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    Social Development Regional Offices
    Saint John