FREDERICTON (GNB) – Elections NB is preparing for any recounts that may be requested following the elections held May 14.

Ties were recorded in Bertrand, Cambridge-Narrows and Saint-Louis-de-Kent, while 42 other contests ended with a margin of fewer than 25 votes.

"A recount is always conducted in the event of a tie,” said Mike Quinn, municipal returning officer. “If there is a difference of not more than 25 votes between a candidate elected and a candidate not elected, the candidate who was not declared elected may make a written request to the municipal returning officer for a recount. The application must be filed by May 24, and the recount will be held at the returning office as soon possible. There is no charge for a recount."
If a recount results in a tied vote, and if the candidates agree, the municipal returning officer will resolve the tie by putting the two names in a box and drawing one. If the candidates do not agree on this method, the municipal returning officer will make a request to a judge for a recount.

If the returning office recount does not result in a tie, and the candidates do not agree on the results, the candidate not declared elected may apply for a judicial recount. The candidate may request a recount of all the ballots cast, or a recount only of ballots on which the candidates could not agree as to whether or how they should be counted.

Candidates requesting a recount may contact the municipal returning office where they filed their nomination papers.