FREDERICTON (GNB) – A plan designed to accelerate economic growth province-wide was released today by Premier David Alward.

Entitled, Growing Together – An Economic Development Action Plan for New Brunswick,
the plan envisions economic development as a community-driven venture and redefines government's role in stimulating a strong and sustainable economy.

Growing Together is a blueprint for creating new jobs and opportunities for New Brunswick workers and their families,” said Alward. “Our vision for the future empowers local communities with real power to invest in their regions strategically and with accountability.”

The plan outlines a series of measures and strategies designed to build the province’s economy on the strengths of its human resource potential, traditional economic advantages and strategic growth in six specific sectors:

●    information and communications technology;
●    biosciences;
●    industrial fabrication;
●    aerospace and defence;
●    value-added wood; and
●    value-added food.

The plan emphasizes the government’s focus on measurable results; provides improved access to local services and programs; and focuses decisions at the community level.  

“The government is confident in the strengths each region brings to New Brunswick's economic future,” said Economic Development Minister Paul Robichaud. “This new economic development plan empowers New Brunswickers to work together to rebuild our province. Our plan builds on the belief that all segments of our society, business and industries, workers, educators and governments, have a leadership role to play in building a stronger New Brunswick.”

The plan is the first in a series of strategies that will comprise the government's overall strategy to achieve economic renewal and sustainable economic growth.

In addition to the economic development plan, Alward and Robichaud presented the strategic framework for the six identified sectors.

“To ensure we enhance productivity across our economy we have identified six sectors of focus  over the next five years,” Alward said. “Combined, the six sectors directly generate around 25 per cent of our provincial gross domestic product. This strategy aims to accelerate and measure growth in each sector.”

Further companion documents will include a labour force development strategy, an international trade strategy and a provincial innovation strategy. The province’s innovation strategy will be released in the coming weeks. As well, an updated education strategy is intended to ensure graduates are well-prepared to proceed to further education, training and employment.


●    Department of Economic Development