ALLARDVILLE (GNB) – The provincial government is investing $40,000 through the Environmental Trust Fund to support the Nepisiguit-Chaleur Solid Waste Commission carry out a curbside recycling pilot project.

"Projects such as this truly make a difference in the lives of residents in the Nepisiguit-Chaleur region and for all New Brunswickers," said Nepisiguit MLA Ryan Riordon. "Recycling has long been promoted throughout New Brunswick, and this initiative is another strong tool in ensuring environmental sustainability."

Riordon was appearing on behalf of Environment and Local Government Minister Bruce Fitch.

As part of the project, the commission will alternate the collection of recyclable material and waste from one week to the next for about six months. The waste and recyclable material will be weighed to determine the tonnage being diverted from the landfill.

The trust fund is awarding about $4 million to 195 environmental projects in 2012-13.