FREDERICTON (GNB) – New Brunswickers are reminded that Sunday, April 22, is the 42nd annual Earth Day.

"While we proudly mark the week leading up to Earth Day and the day itself, protecting the environment is a year-round endeavour," said Environment and Local Government Minister Bruce Fitch.

Several long-term initiatives underway in New Brunswick are protecting the environment. More than 15 million tires have been diverted from landfills since 1996; more than four billion beverage containers have been diverted since 1992; last year alone, the Environmental Trust Fund provided $4 million to 191 projects.

This year is anticipated to mark a milestone for the Department of Environment and Local Government: greenhouse gas emissions are expected to be reduced to 1990 levels.

Fitch thanked everyone who has and continues to take part in the Earth Week and Earth Day celebrations this year.

“I encourage every New Brunswicker to take time and appreciate what the province has to offer, knowing that departmental staff are working to ensure the water we drink, the air we breathe and the places we play and call home, are protected now and for future generations to enjoy,” he said.