Government of New Brunswick


The Canada-NB Job Grant is an employer driven program that invests in the skills development and employment needs of the workforce. Employers determine what training is needed, who participates and which provider will deliver the training. The Canada-NB Job Grant Program is part of the Canada Job Fund Agreement.


Eligible applicants must be established in New Brunswick and one of the following:
• Private-sector businesses
• Non-profit organizations
• Project coordinators
• Industry associations
• Unions

Training must:
• Be determined by employers.
• Examples of eligible training include but are not limited to: new equipment training, new industry certifications and new technology training.
• Be required for an individual to perform the duties of an available job.
• Be 52 weeks or less.

Training participants are:
• Individuals employed by the applicant, who need training to grow in their job or to take advantage of a better opportunity within the business or organization.
• Individuals who require training to obtain an available job with the applicant.
• Individuals residing or willing to reside and work in New Brunswick.
• Employers may be considered as eligible training participants.


The maximum government contribution is for two-thirds of the eligible training costs, up to a maximum of $10,000 per training participant, per fiscal year. The employer pays a minimum of one-third of the eligible training costs.

The minimum eligible cost per training, per fiscal is $250. Therefore, the government’s total contribution per training is $166.68 at minimum (2/3 of $250).

The maximum amount per employer, per region, per fiscal year is $25,000. The maximum amount is applied to the government’s contribution.

Applications must be received prior to training start date and must be assessed and approved prior to training start date.

To apply for a Canada-NB Job Grant, employers/organizations should contact a local department's office.