Government of New Brunswick


The Building Canada Fund-Communities component (BCF-CC) is a federal-provincial cost-sharing program, which targets municipal and rural infrastructure that improves the quality of life and economic opportunities for communities. The BCF-CC is a component of the Building Canada Plan, the Government of Canada’s flagship infrastructure program. In New Brunswick the federal government originally provided $33 million to be matched by the province. In 2009 federal stimulus increased that amount by $11.12 by way of a “top-up” to the BCF-CC.


Municipalities of 100,000 residents or less, as well as non-government organizations whose proposals are supported by a municipal resolution.


The BCF-CC includes 18 project categories with preference being given to "green" categories. “Green” will support projects that lead to cleaner air and water. These can include improvements to local systems for water, waste water, solid waste, brownfield redevelopments, and environmental energy improvements to municipal buildings. Public transit projects also count as "green", as they help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cars.

The fund will also invest in local roads, short line rail, short sea shipping, better Internet connections, and infrastructure projects that promote local culture, recreation and tourism.

A federal-provincial Oversight Committee will accept and analyze project proposals, and make funding recommendations to the responsible federal and provincial ministers. The BCF-CC is managed by the BCF-CC Joint-Secretariat.

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