Government of New Brunswick
Benefits to Children

Children’s early years are a time for growth, wonder, and discovery. The foundation of the curriculum supports a learning environment where children are motivated to take learning into their own hands, enthusiastically pursuing knowledge about the things that interest them most.

The curriculum will help lead your children to healthy, happy, and successful lives as it:

  • emphasizes the valuing of children and childhood, as well as their relationships and their environments, which work together to help them make sense of the world around them;
  • emphasizes opportunities for play as a key factor vital to children’s healthy learning and development. Children have the right to play. Play is essential to quality of life in childhood, a primary means of understanding the world, and is integral to their relationship-building;
  • encourages consistent, responsive and nurturing care, which helps children to feel loved;
  • covers all aspects of children’s development and learning -- physical, social/moral, emotional, intellectual/cognitive, cultural, linguistic and spiritualall interrelated and interdependent;
  • provides opportunities for children to follow their interests, passions and strengths with dignity, self-worth and a zest for living and learning;
  • encourages child-care providers to help children form relationships through communicative practice, and allows them to participate in making decisions about things that affect them, such as eating, resting and self-care routines;
  • encourages child-care providers to allow for exploration, questions and investigations, and join in the wonderment of being a child;
  • encourages parents and child-care providers to share pleasure with children in the spontaneity of dizzy play; and
  • gives ideas to parents and child-care providers on how to prepare the environment to support children to be active participants in their own learning, and to follow their interests. This includes providing a wide range of materials that includes books, art, dramatic-play items, blocks, science/natural objects, music, and sensory stimulations.