Government of New Brunswick
New Brunswick’s Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum

New Brunswick's Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum is a guide designed to support parents and caregivers in creating stimulating and nurturing learning environments for young children. It is based on up-to-date research on how to maximize children's learning so that they can grow to their fullest potential with dignity, a sense of self-worth and a zest for living.

Children learn well before they enter a class-room for the first time. In fact, children learn from the moment they are born and you, as parents, are their first teachers.  In order for children to thrive they need  their relationships, especially with you, to be nurturing, loving, secure, and positive. Their environments must be safe, flexible and engaging. They must also have plenty of opportunities for play that promotes creativity, imagination and learning.

With all of the information on child development and early learning that is available, it can get confusing.  To help simplify that search for information on how to best support your child's learning experiences, we are making available to you the Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum.  This curriculum is a collection of recent research and best practices on child development and early learning from around the world.