Government of New Brunswick


A Canada / New Brunswick Growing Forward 2 initiative to:

Promote the agricultural sector and its connection to healthy lifestyles, both to the general public and to potential Beginning Farmers. It will also be used to support youth training initiatives and recent entrants to agriculture in the crucial early establishment period.

Program funding is provided by this department and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Program ends March 31, 2018.


Eligible applicants include agricultural producer associations, groups of agriculture producers, New Brunswick Young Farmers Forum, agricultural mentors, 4-H Councils of NB, parties with the capacity to develop and deliver awareness programming in educational settings and Beginning Farmers in Agriculture residing in the Province of New Brunswick.


Program Elements:

I. Agriculture in Education

Support for development of promotional and training activities for agricultural awareness including the design, preparation and distribution of materials.

Support to develop programming and assist producers to link with schools and the public in their efforts to promote the agriculture sector.

II. Beginning Farmers Self-Assessment and Action Plan

The Beginning Farmers Self-Assessment Initiative enables participants to identify strengths, weaknesses, goals and priorities relating to their business management skills and to develop an Action Plan for themselves and their business.

III. Beginning Farmers Planning

Activities that assist Beginning Farmers in agriculture to undertake, develop, and implement formal plans or analysis for their operation, which may include financial, business, marketing, human resource management, diversification, value-added or succession plans.

IV. Beginning Farmer Training (Individual)

Assistance to individual Beginning Farmers in Agriculture for strategic agriculture related training, technical skills development and business development initiatives that support the strengthening of management practices and skills that enhance the viability and profitability of their individual enterprises.

V. Beginning Farmer Benchmarking (Individual)

Support for development of cost of production analysis and benchmarking activities that will enable Beginning Farmers in Agriculture to have the information to enhance the viability and profitability of their business.
VI. Beginning Farmers Group Training

Assistance to establish peer-to-peer training clubs for Beginning Farmers to enable them to network and share experiences and needs to better manage their operations. Groups and organizations are eligible for assistance to champion training activities for workshops, speakers and investigative travel that focus on Beginning Farmers in agriculture and their needs.

VII. Beginning Farmer Mentoring

Assistance to encourage one-on-one mentoring activities that target the training needs of Beginning Farmers in Agriculture.

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