Solve a problem

Landlords and tenants can use these steps and services to solve a problem


There are 5 steps tenants and landlords can use to solve a problem. Learn how the Residential Tenancies Tribunal can help solve a problem if you are unable to solve it on your own.

Solve a problem: step by step

Step 1: Talk it over

In many cases, problems can be solved through discussion. Contact your landlord or tenant to discuss your concerns.

Step 2: Make a complaint in writing

If you can’t solve the problem through discussion, you should put your complaint in writing and serve it to your landlord or tenant. The written complaint must include the date, the address of the rental unit, and explain the problem that you are trying to solve.

A written complaint can a printed or hand-written letter. It is important to keep a copy of your written complaint for your files. If your complaint is hand-written, you can take a picture of the original letter. For your convenience, we offer a Notice of Complaint form that can be used to create a written complaint:

Notice of Complaint (PDF)

You should also keep copies of any communication related to the problem. This may include notices, letters, emails, screen captures from text messages, etc.

Response times

  • For non-urgent matters, you must provide a minimum of 7 days for the recipient to resolve the problem.
  • If the landlord is addressing a conduct matter with a tenant, the tenant must comply immediately.
  • If it is an emergency, the landlord or tenant must respond quickly. To learn more about what is considered an emergency, and what to do in emergency situations: Emergencies

If you need help preparing your written complaint, contact the Residential Tenancies Tribunal at 1-888-762-8600 or by email at for help.

Step 3: Apply for assistance  

Some problems are more complex, and if you are unable to solve them on your own, you can apply for assistance from the Residential Tenancies Tribunal.

Apply online, or send printed or digital copies of completed forms to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal by email to, by fax at 1-855-658-3096, by mail to PO Box 5001, Moncton, NB, E1C 8R3, or bring it to a Service New Brunswick service centre.

For tenants

For landlords

Once you complete the Application for Assistance, you will receive confirmation within one business day of your application being received and your file will be assigned a case number. Like an emergency room, all cases are prioritized, and the most urgent cases will be handled first.

Step 4: Mediation

Once your case has been processed and is ready to be reviewed, a Residential Tenancies Officer will be assigned to investigate and try to mediate the problem. The goal of this step is to resolve the disagreement as quickly as possible without having the Residential Tenancies Officer decide for you.

Step 5: Decision

If the landlord and tenant are not able to reach a solution together with mediation, the Residential Tenancies Officer will make a final decision.

Appealing a decision

Any landlord or tenant affected by a decision may, within 7 days after being notified of the decision or order, contact the Court of Queen’s Bench of New Brunswick to review and set aside the decision or order on the ground that it was made without jurisdiction, or based on an error of law. To learn more:

Court of Queen’s Bench