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Local governance for a vibrant, sustainable New Brunswick


An updated list of new entities and maps that depict the future state of the local governance structure for New Brunswick as of January 01, 2023.

Our path forward

Progress to date and next steps on the four pillars of local governance reform.

The new structure

Our new structure will see a stronger New Brunswick as communities work together to increase economic opportunities and meet current and future environmental and social challenges.

What is local governance reform really about?

In very general terms, local governance reform is the process of changing what we have into what we need. This process involves understanding the issues and challenges facing our local governance system and how they relate to one another, considering options to address the issues, and implementing changes that will make a positive difference. The exact nature of the changes has yet to be defined.

We had to ask ourselves: are we organized locally and regionally in a way that best serves the needs and interests of all of us as New Brunswickers and the communities we live in?

We needed to find ways to strengthen our local governance system and make it sustainable, while continuing to improve our quality of life.

The time for study is over; the status quo is no longer serving the needs of many New Brunswickers. After extensive engagement with New Brunswickers, we now have a plan to bring the required reforms.

Our current structure has 340 entities, including 104 local governments and 236 local service districts.

Our new structure will have 77 local governments and 12 rural districts

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