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New Brunswick’s Communities Are Big on Charm and Character

Brimming with natural beauty and friendly residents, New Brunswick is a welcoming place filled with opportunities and lots to do. Our culturally rich population is renowned for its friendliness and is spread out in dynamic urban centres, lovely small towns, and in close-knit rural communities. Learn more about New Brunswick, its communities, and why you’ll want to call this province home.

Tourism New Brunswick

Explore the Tourism New Brunswick website to learn more about the province’s unique history and cultures.

New Brunswick...

...boasts the world’s highest tides

...has Canada’s warmest saltwater beaches

...has one of the oldest mountain ranges on earth

...has the world’s second-largest whirlpool off its coast

Friendly and Fun Communities

From New Brunswick’s eight cities to the tiniest rural villages, the province’s many communities all share one thing in common, no matter their size: how welcoming they are. You’ll also find that our communities are incredibly safe, and that you can enjoy a more relaxed, healthy, and affordable lifestyle here with access to universal, government-funded healthcare and an excellent education system. Here, you’re sure to find a spot that will feel like home in no time.

Naturally Beautiful

Whether you love rivers or forests, rugged coastlines or soft sandy beaches, mountain ranges or river valleys, New Brunswick has it all and more! In fact, nature is our biggest playground. Our beautiful, warm summers are perfect for hitting the beach, lounging on a patio, or heading out to hike, bike, or swim. Our winters, while snowy, are fairly mild temperature-wise, so you can head out to skate, ski, or snowboard. On thing’s for sure: if you’re big on nature, there’s no better place to be than New Brunswick!

Arts & Culture

With its rich and diverse history, it’s no wonder New Brunswick is a place full of life, where arts and culture are on proud display. Throughout the province, you’ll find restaurants, gastropubs, cafés, farmer’s markets, and more that will thrill your tastebuds. You’ll also find something going on in every corner, like live music, fun festivals, galleries and museums that are all brimming with talent. With so much food and so many festivals and shows, you’ll have lots to choose from.

Find Your Perfect Region

With so many communities sprinkled throughout the province, explore our regions to find the one that checks all the boxes of your dream place to call home.

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